The Inventery, Inc.

Morphi Edu is a simple, powerful 3D design app for all ages + skill levels. Create 3D models (STLs + OBJs) on the go with touch, without wifi for 3D Printing, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), stop motion animation + more. This app participates in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program, a 50% discount on Morphi Edu purchases on 20+ iPads.

Try all of Morphi’s 3D design tools for FREE by downloading our original app, Morphi, available on the App Store for iPad.

Morphi has many uses: visualization, creating 3D models, inventions + prototypes, as a teaching tool for Maker education (MakerEd) + STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art + Math), stop motion animation, product design, graphic design+more. Key features:

2D to 3D: Draw 3D objects freehand + edit with shapes/text libraries. Transform high contrast 2D images (pngs/jpgs) from iPad Photo Album or Camera (experimental features) into editable 3D designs. Mirroring/symmetrical drawing+revolving lines 90, 180, 270 + 360 degrees to create unique designs. Adjust line thickness + erase.

3D SHAPES: Build complex 3D models using our 3D shapes library combined with 3D objects from 2D to 3D tools + Type tools. Some shapes have hidden features (like ability to add extra sides to certain shapes or bend shapes at different angles). Add low/high resolution to curved shapes, like spheres, cylinders, tori, cones, hemispheres + ellipsoids.

3D TYPE: Create 3D text in over 75+ fonts using the keyboard

SIMPLE, POWERFUL 3D MODELING TOOLS: Morphi has an empowering user interface that simplifies + streamlines standard 3D modeling features (like rotate, scale, merge, subtract, group/ungroup, transforms, pan+other functions) to make it easier+more enjoyable to create in 3D.

AUGMENTED REALITY button for viewing, editing+interacting with your Morphi models in your environment and taking pictures. (paid feature)

3D PRINTING: Prepare STL or OBJ files made in Morphi for 3D printing following printer/printing service guidelines. 3D printers vary, but generally the file is uploaded to the printer’s slicing software for printing.

FILE MANAGEMENT: File naming + saving on iPad with no logins required.

STL + OBJ file export from iPad: By Email, Airplay, iCloud, Google Drive, Abobe CC, Thingiverse, DropBox + more. (paid feature)

STL import + editing on iPad from other Morphi iPad, Mac + Windows apps and/or other 3D modeling software. (paid feature)

TUTORIALS on all of Morphi’s tools+helpful links under the i (info) section in the gallery.

COLOR: Vibrant colors, tints + shades.

ALIGNMENT: When 2 or more objects are selected, simple Alignment Tools popup for aligning objects left, right or center on x, y and z axes.

RULER: Measure objects in millimeters or inches.

SCALING: 3 ways to scale: direct input of exact dimensions with Transforms Button, quick resizing with Scaling Sliders + Precision Scaling Tools for more precise object resizing.

3D OBJECT MOVEMENT: Add objects to grid by tapping or sliding. Select + move objects easily horizontally by tapping+sliding or vertically with the new Up/Down Tool. Select all for easy grouping.

GRID MOVEMENT: Morphi has a fully movable 3D grid with panning. To build a model, you’ll need to move the grid + 3D objects. You can control the grid by sliding your fingers across the grid or use the grid toolbar for more controlled movement. You can also lock the grid.

CHANGE GRID SIZE: Customize the grid to match 3D printer build volume.

CLIPBOARD: Cut + paste objects from one file to another with Clipboard button.

SHADOWS: Shadows are important tools that tell you where an object is on the grid. By following objects’ shadows in Morphi, you can more precisely move objects + build 3D models.

IDEAS: Check out pre-made 3D models in the Gallery under Ideas for beginners.

HIDEABLE TOOLBARS: For space maximization.