Total Internet Privacy

With Avast SecureLine, users no longer have to worry about anyone snooping at their online activity, be they employers, advertisers, government agencies, or even their own ISPs. All they have to do is click one button and their online activities, the websites they visit or programs they use, and DNS are protected. This gives them the freedom to do whatever they want online and access content that would have been closed off to them.

All-Around Secure Connections

Even on public Wi-Fi hotspots, users can rest assured that Avast SecureLine is vigorously protecting them. Shared connections can be dangerous since they may have hackers on the line so the application puts in place bank-grade encryption to protect users’ data: electronic banking and transactions, accounts and passwords, and more.

Unlocked Content

Some websites are keen on enabling access to their content only for people in specific regions. But with Avast SecureLine, users can skirt around those restrictions and view and watch media that would have been available to them. Plus, they get premium peer-to-peer support and they even get around price discrimination.

Lightning Fast Servers

Nobody wants to do activities online with slow and lagging connections. That is something Avast SecureLine understands. That is why the program provides users with options to connect to 27 different servers located in 19 countries around the world. This way, they can enjoy gaming, streaming, video calling, file sharing, and downloading without worrying about getting disconnected or disabled.