Jibble lets you and your worker punch in and out of work with just your mobile phones, tablets (kiosk), or via the web application. Whenever your employee clocks in, Jibble then closely monitors and documents his or her actions, recording every move made to ensure that time spent while checked in to the Jibble system is time spent on actual work.

Once the task is done or the employee takes a break, he or she can check out of the system. Once clocked out, work stops, including the monitoring and recording. To further drive productivity and efficiency during working hours, as well as to encourage attendance, Jibble lets you capture selfies when using mobile apps. Because time spent on work is captured, Jibble is a perfect tool for improving your invoicing and billing processes.

Powerful reporting tools and highly detailed timesheets provide you with a complete picture of your employees’ attendance, productivity, and efficiency. You can also generate custom reports to show you specific statistics, relevant key performance indicators, and more so you can derive insights that you can use to further boost the performance of your workforce.

Jibble allows your employees to clock in and out of work using their mobile devices. But if you want them on site and on time, you can set up an iPad Kiosk through which they can punch in and out of work.